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Outdoor school outing for teens!

Enter a world of adventure and cultural discovery. Our student field trips are designed to offer a fun and interactive experience, filled with intriguing cultural facts and exciting activities at every point of interest.

Average rating: 4.4 /5

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210.000+ players

Invoice payment

Reschedule at any time

Free team composition

Account manager in charge of monitoring

Real-time leaderboard

Free cancellation (48H)

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A Journey of Cultural Discovery

The ideal outdoor activity for your school outing.

Interactive Exploration

Our outings are filled with engaging activities that bring each destination to life, offering a unique way to explore and enjoy.

Cultural Insights

Uncover fascinating facts and stories about each location, immersing teens in the rich tapestry of local history and culture.

7/7 support

With support available 7/7 in the app, we ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Outdoor school outings are not just field trips. They are adventures!

Our adventures allow students to explore, discover and learn in an urban setting, fostering a connection with the environment and enhancing their understanding of the world around them. With their favorite technology in hand, teens are engaged and motivated to learn.

No additional equipment

The activity is only played with a smartphone (one or more per team).

Online support

Our staff will help you with any problems you may encounter during the activity via chat.

Available in several languages

And each player can play in their own language! We can block the game in a specific language for an immersive school trip.

Customisation possible

A route tailored to your needs and/or personalized missions added with your logo, school culture, etc.

Start whenever you like

Which is really handy when you need to manage large groups! And once purchased, the game is valid for 3 years!

Real-time leaderboard

Keep track of your teams' scores using the dedicated leaderboard to which you will have access. You can also track their position on the course.

Find your city

Look for a city and discover our activities

Small group or large team? We’ve got you covered.


Self-service package. Self organized event.
  • Online support
  • Team of 6 players maximum


Package with assistance for groups of more than 20 people
Most popular
170 Tax excl.
20 Players x €8.50
  • Priority online support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Free team composition
  • Real-time leaderboard
  • Dispatching of teams at the start of the game

Free demo included


Package with on-site presence.
370 Tax excl.
20 Players x €18.50
  • Everything in the PRO +
  • Game customization
  • On-site presence*
    *Only available in Belgium at the moment.

Free demo included

Prices in EUR. Taxes may apply.

  • “Great activity for the cohesion of our team. Attendees loved this walk around town and interviewing virtual characters. Will do it again in another city, one day 😊”

    Director | Ecole du Petit Prince
  • My colleagues and I are very pleased with the escape game organized with our students in the streets of Namur. We received excellent feedback from them!

    Professeure | Hénallux
  • A fun game where the students are challenged. They have stepped well, thought, made choices and solved riddles. But they especially had fun!

    M. Hoylaerts
    leerkracht | Kompaz Zaventem
  • We are delighted with the setup! The students really enjoyed it, and it was very convenient for us. We will definitely consider this activity for the future. A big thank you !

    Professeure | Centre scolaire Saint-Benoit
  • The students from Sainte-Begge Institute loved exploring Namur far and wide to solve the challenges of the "Secrets of Namur" escape game. It was a wonderful activity, both playful and active, that strengthened the students' bonds. Thanks to Coddy for the organization and responsiveness, especially through the in-app chat. Definitely worth doing again!

    Professeure | Institut Sainte-Begge