The Secrets Of...

Explore the city with this life-size treasure hunt and discover its secrets by solving all the riddles!

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The Secrets Of...
The Secrets Of...

Discover your next school outing activity: The Secrets Of...


Riddles to see the city differently 👀

To answer the riddles you'll need to observe your surroundings very carefully. This way you'll (re)discover all the little details of the city that are still unsuspected.


A team challenge 🤝

Challenge your teammates with this type of adventure and all the riddles to be solved throughout the city! Who will manage to complete the most missions?


Fun facts and information as you play ✍🏻

You'll (re)discover the city's iconic monuments, statues, historic buildings, street art and many other curiosities that will help you solve the riddles and challenges you'll face. We're not into boring tours, so for each place you'll find a little info, a fun fact that will immerse you in the city's 'little story', the one that gives it its charm and authenticity.


A new approach to tourism 🌍

Thanks to our adventures, you can visit the city centres of Europe's most beautiful cities as you play. Little hidden lanes, unusual places and tourist monuments: after your tour, you can be sure you've seen the essentials!

After our "The Secrets of ..." urban adventures, you'll never see your city in the same way again!

Your Citywide School Outing Activity.

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Package with assistance for groups of more than 20 people
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  • Free team composition
  • Real-time leaderboard
  • Dispatching of teams at the start of the game

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Package with on-site presence.
370 Tax excl.
20 Players x €18.50
  • Everything in the PRO +
  • Game customization
  • On-site presence*
    *Only available in Belgium at the moment.

Free demo included

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